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Gold Health Services
1 on 1 Health Mapping Session

A 1 on 1 Health Mapping session is incredibly helpful to simplify what has perhaps felt overwhelming and formulate a suggestive path to detoxify the body, establish healthy eating & lifestyle habits and provide resources for supplements & emotional health support tools. This 1-hour session is a great jump start to your health journey. For ongoing support and a practical step-by-step guide, I highly recommend joining us on the All Access Intensive.


The All Access Intensive is designed to impart to you what took me almost a decade to discover, costing me tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration. Implementing a healthy lifestyle and following a natural health protocol can be challenging to gain momentum after just a single 1-on-1 consult which is why we developed this package.


What to expect:


Live zoom calls/Facebook live sessions 2x/week for 2 months teaching you everything you need to know on detoxification, supplements, emotional/spiritual health, stress relief strategies, exercise, food etc. (replay available to watch at your convenience) 

Questions Answered: This is an interactive intensive where we are available to answer your questions via email and live Q&A via Zoom calls. 

Support & Encouragement: You will be surrounded by a community of others who are also taking leaps towards great health. 

Clinical Referral: We have collaborated with an incredible Functional Medicine Practitioner that can order Clinical Labs and interpret results if necessary (additional cost associated). 

PDF Resource Guides: Digital Starter kit including links to specific supplements, natural health devices, food recommendations, recipe ideas, beauty products, toxin free cleaning products, healthy lifestyle products and all the essentials needed to make progress. 

Video Masterclass: Video training data base with quick concise information on how to implement this healthy living framework which you can access at any time.


With full participation you can expect significant progress in your health!

New Class Starts Fall 2021


 Email to schedule a 15 minute courtesy discovery call. 

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