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  • Are you going to recommend I take 100 different supplements?
    Great question! The short answer is, NO! Over-supplementation can actually be very harmful to the body. In a perfect world we would get all vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat! It's important to just take the supplements needed to help support deficiencies and those that are indicated for your current state of health. We love to present options, testimonials and published case studies to highlight some of our favorite supplements and then highly encourage you do your own research to determine what suites you best. I work very closely with a naturopathic doctor who is licensed to facilitate the most relevant and thorough tests to gather insight on your body’s needs. All featured supplements are among the most pure, high quality supplements on the market. There are so many low-quality supplements on the market that contain lots of binders, fillers, synthetic chemicals, and anti-caking agents. In order for supplements to effectively support your body, it's important the ingredients are derived from the most pure herbs, essential minerals and vitamins that are of the highest quality and purity harvested from rich, reliable, ethical, and non-toxic plant crops. **Before taking any supplements we recommend that you discuss with your primary care physician to determine if it is beneficial for you.
  • Is it going to take me 3 years to see improvements in my health?
    We completely understand the frustration and often desperation of wanting to experience COMPLETE healing NOW!! While no one can really predict the length of one’s healing journey there are certainly things one can do to accelerate the process. Everyone is in a unique place in their health with so many different variables and contributing factors i.e. stress levels, past trauma, implementation of healthy living, toxicity of the body, knowledge of how the body works etc. Our goal is to guide you on the most direct, efficient and effective route to restoring your health. Certainly, one can expect to see some degree of improvements when a healthy lifestyle is adhered to.
  • Once I sign up, are you going to tell me I need to spend thousands of dollars on products and tests in order to make progress?"
    These FAQ's are inspired by my own personal frustrations after spending over $60,000 on natural health practitioners, all in which had their own tests and protocols, none in which led to healing for me. So, I get it. If that has also been your experience, I'm so sorry and I can relate to how discouraging it can feel. So, the answer is NO! Our goal is to always provide multiple options with different price points so you can make a decision that is compatible with your budget. For instance, there are tons of infrared saunas on the market ranging anywhere from $150-$10,000+. You can experience all of the benefits; low EMF, reputable brands, that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home that are inexpensive and incredibly supportive. (You must consult with your primary healthcare physician prior to implementing). As far as supplements go, most quality supplements can range anywhere from $10-$125/unit. It's very reasonable to assess the list of highlighted supplements and prioritize which ones are feasible to implement immediately and then incorporate others later to make it more manageable. We will simple highlight quality supplements on the market and you can conduct your own research and make a determination if it will be beneficial to you after discussing with your primary care physician. Our goal is to simplify the complex and provide practical, realistic framework to help guide you. When my body finally started to heal, it was at a time where I had the least amount of financial resources available. Provision will follow your needs. Rest in that.
  • Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the services provided?
    Our #1 priority is to see you walking in GREAT HEALTH!! We whole heartedly believe in the services that we provide not only because it's the very thing that ended years of suffering for me personally but it has also been very effective for many others. Take a look at just a few of the testimonials on our home page. With that being said, we want to remove the "high-stakes" by offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of our services. All you have to do is email us at with an explanation of your situation and experience within 30 days of the initial purchase. We will then provide some additional support to see if that meets your needs and if you are anything less than satisfied, we will gladly reimburse 80% of your initial costs (the 20% simply covers administrative costs and credit card transaction reimbursement fees). We have built Gold Health Collective on a strong foundation of honesty, transparency, quality and integrity. We hope that you experience excellence in every encounter that exceed your expectations.
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