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Gold Health Concierge

Gold Health Collective facilitates a healthy living model for those who are currently struggling with chronic health issues and provides a practical path for those who are seemingly healthy and want to take a proactive stance in disease prevention.  Our goal is to transform the way the world looks at healthcare by increasing the focus on preventative measures opposed to crisis intervention. If our health is compromised it effects every area of life; relationships, productivity, joy, physical capacity, self-image, mental health, ability to grow and prosper, spirituality, etc. Let’s change the world by starting with YOUR healthy body.


A holistic strategy was the only effective approach that resulted in improvements in my personal health. Gold Health Concierge has designed a lifestyle model that strengthens the body from all angles including education, fitness, diet, spirituality, coaching and alternative health. When we understand WHY our body isn’t cooperating with us, we can work WITH our body to implement the right care to get the results we are looking for. This program, for other Gold Health participants, resulted in significant weight loss, dramatic increase in stable energy, sound sleep, less stress and anxiety and diminishing symptoms of depression and chronic illnesses. Check out the testimonials on the home page!


Hi! My name is Kate Hamilton, Certified Coach and Natural Health Instructor. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, 15+ years work experience in corporate healthcare and a 2-year unique certification specializing in holistic transformation.  

Helping others achieve wellness is a strong passion of mine that has sprung from battling my own health challenges. For many years I struggled with severe anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, addiction, severe candida, PMDD (hormonal imbalance), PCOS, thyroid issues, inability to lose weight and a long list of other debilitating symptoms. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on physicians, alternative medicine doctors, medications, supplements and literally thousands of hours of education; I finally found the answers which lead to my healing. 

Me and my team have designed a practical, crafted map to support others who suffer from these debilitating symptoms that have held them back from enjoying life. This is achieved by implementing a holistic approach which includes a combination of:

1. Raising awareness
2. Providing education
3. A hand-held concierge experience
4. Fitness & accountability
5. Diet & supplement overview

Having personally experienced sickness, disease, addiction, chronic ailments, stress and chronic fatigue, I am now healed and know that good health, energy and a restored body is possible.  

And I want to share with you what worked for me!!

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